Essential Oils for Beginners

Learn basic facts and debunk popular myths about essential oils and discover what they can and cannot do.

Wildwoods Essential Oils for Beginners is fun 2 1/2  hour introductory workshop focusing on the safe and therapeutic use of essential oils.  Participants learn about safe essential oil blending guidelines while making two custom aromatherapy blends they get to take home with them.

Why Learn About Essential Oils?

Learn about safety and correct therapeutic use!  Essential oils are more popular today than ever before.  Naturally, people love essential oils for their wonderful scents and the amazing experiences they have with them yet most essential oil users are unsure of how much essential oil to use and which oils are best for which situation. Unfortunately the misuse of oils can often lead to negative health effects.

Pamela Westerman, your instructor, is a certified aromatherapist and has been using essential oils professionally for over 20 years.  Pamela has been teaching aromatherapy workshops since 2005.

The Workshop

We'll look at seven essential oils up close and investigate their aromatic notes, therapeutic value and composition.  We'll then create two incredibly useful and deliciously scented personal blends.  One skin nurturing lip balm and a lovely aromatic spray for stress and immunity.

Peppermint , Mentha x piperita
Lavender, Lavandula angustifolia
Palmarosa, Cymbopogon martinii var. motia
Orange,  Citrus sinensis
Vetiver, Vitiveria zizanoides
Cedarwood,  Juniperus virginiana
Rosalina,  Melaleuca ericifolia

Learning Objectives

  • How to use essential oils for health and wellness
  • Safely blend oils together 
  • Recognize aromatic notes and blending techniques
  • Dilute essential oils with carriers
  • Store and care for essential oils
  • Shop for quality essential oils
  • Avoid misuse and unintentional harm
  • Make two body care aromatherapy products

Who can take this workshop

This is a beginners workshop.  Anyone who is interested in essential oils may attend. 

Workshop fee

  • $60.00  ( included in fee is a $25 materials fee)
See Schedule for classes near you.  Register now.

      * Workshop fee includes all essential oils, carriers and blending supplies