About Mother Blends

Our Journey

Mother Blends began with one Mother's personal passion for natural healing and all things aromatic and herbal. This lead to a career in clinical aromatherapy and massage therapy. Over a span of 25 years of practice, many of our custom aromatherapy blends became quite popular. We began making small batches in our home for our friends and clients. Demand grew, and so did our love of sharing aromatherapy. We decided to launch our Mother Blends online store in 2020. Our journey with essential oils has been one of personal healing and enrichment. Our wish is for our customers to have the same experience we have by connecting with our products.

Our Passion

As a small company we continue to make our products in small batches to capture the freshness and vibrancy of the essential oils and botanicals.  Our products are carefully formulated by certified Aromatherapists to ensure they smell amazing and deliver safe and effective aromatherapy. We know the success of our products begins with the quality of our ingredients. We take pride in our commitment to seek out sustainably-sourced, organic and wild-crafted botanical ingredients.

Our Foundation

Because we care about our environment we choose organic, sustainable and green. Though we are just one small company among giants, we know our choices touch the lives of many. 

From our family to yours, we wish you good health, radiant wellness and abundant joy. 

~ the Mother Blends family