Wildwoods 280 Hour ACP

Holistic Aromatherapy Certification Program

Course Overview

Wildwoods 280 Hour Aromatherapy Certification Program (ACP)  is a professional, live training program that allows a person to become a Certified Aromatherapist.  The program is offered over the course of a16 day intensive in a fun, supportive classroom setting.

What is a Certified Aromatherapist

A Certified Aromatherapist is recognized as someone who has received at least 200 hours of professional training in the subjects of aromatherapy history, essential oil chemistry, extraction and production methods, blending, carriers and application methods, specialty populations, methods,  organic chemistry, toxicology and safety, consultation practices, professional ethics and business development.  Wildwoods 280 hour Holistic Aromatherapy Certification Program includes additional modules in advanced clinical training and product formulation.

A professional Aromatherapist is experienced in the safe and therapeutic use of aromatic extractions and serves the public by providing aromatherapy consultation and blending services for the purpose of supporting health and wellness.  An Aromatherapist cannot diagnose, prescribe or treat a disease without a license to practice medicine.

What Students Learn

Wildwoods certification program encompasses a comprehensive study of essential oil aromatics, chemistry and energetics.  Students gain an in-depth knowledge of essential oils including:

    • Essential Oil Blending Techniques
    • Application Methods
    • History of Aromatherapy
    • Safety and Contraindications
    • Methods of Extraction
    • Essential Oil Chemistry
    • Essential Oil Quality & Testing
    • Aromatherapy for Special Populations 
    • Anatomy and Physiology
    • Subtle Energetics 
    • Synergistic Blending
    • Consultation practices
    • Business & Marketing Skills
    • Advanced Blending & Formulations 
    • Product Development
    • Ethics & Professional Standards
    The majority of the ACP coursework takes place in a fun and supportive classroom setting where students gain valuable hands-on experience blending essential oils and aromatic products. Students develop their noses and personal blending skills by making over 50 custom blends during guided classroom exercises.  Class time also includes informative lectures, multi-media presentations and guided individual and group projects. 

    Students have access to

      • Over 80 quality essential oils, CO2's and hydrosols
      • 25% discount on quality essential oils
      • organic carriers
      • dozens of organic base oils, cremes and lotions
      • balms, salve and butter supplies
      • CBD extracts
      • inhalers and diffusers
      • wild-crafted herbs and herbal infusions
      • resins and incense 
      • blending and mixing tools
      • containers & labels

    Who can take this course

    The Wildwoods ACP is an entry-level program, no prior experience is required.  

      Course Goals and Objectives              

        • Learn to make a variety of aromatherapy body care, personal care and home care products to support health and wellness.
        • Gain a thorough understanding of the safe and therapeutic use of over 70 essential oils and hydrosols.
        • Attain confidence in your ability to consult with clients and create blends that are both safe and helpful.
        • Develop an appreciation for the subtle energetics of essential oils and their potential to support emotional wellness.
        • Gain a clear understanding of how the chemistry of essential oils informs us of its potential for safety hazards, therapeutic actions and applications. 
        • Learn practical business applications for aromatherapy services.
        • Learn how to structure fees for professional aromatherapy services, products and consultations to begin a career as a professional aromatherapist. 
        • Incorporate a natural health lifestyle while having fun enjoying the art and science of aromatherapy.

      Aromatherapist Can

        • Provide professional aromatherapy consultations
        • Create custom blended products for private clients
        • Create unique aromatherapy products
        • Develop product lines
        • Consult with spas, wellness centers, corporations and other industries.
        • Consult hospitals and Hospices
        • Make health supporting products for self, family & friends
        • Teach classes on aromatherapy
        • Provide services in your current profession  



      Our goal at Wildwoods is to give Aromatherapist a holistic foundation of knowledge that enables them to create delightful and effective aromatic blends by giving equal consideration to aroma, energetics and chemistry.

        • Methods of Extraction 
        • Blending Guidelines
        • Synergistic Blending
        • Contraindications & General Safety
        • Essential Oil Chemistry
        • Purity, Testing & Sustainability
        • Toxicology & Contraindications
        • Anatomy & Physiology*
        • The Ethics of Aromatherapy 
        • Subtle Energetics 
        • Conducting Consultations
        • Skin Care and Stress Relief
        • Colds, Flu & Immunity 
        • Pain & Inflammation 
        • Clinical Applications
        • Pathology and Clinical Safety
        • Advanced Component Blending
        • Herbal Synergies & Preparations 
        • Hydrolats & Complimentary Therapies
        • Blending for Specialty Populations
        • The Business of Aromatherapy

         * Students with prior A&P will be exempt from A&P homework.  

        Requirements for graduation

          • Completion of all required coursework with an average grade of 70% or higher.
          • Completion of 25 case study blending practicums*
          • Completion of one 8-10 page paper or approved aromatherapy project.
          • Pass the final exam with a 75% grade or higher.
          • Course tuition paid in full

        Course fee

        Tuition is $2800.00*  

        Payment plan available, see below for details.  Click here to register



        Wildwoods 280 Hour Aromatherapy Certification Program

        Cancellation Policy

        Your deposit will be refunded or can be transferred to a future date if Wildwoods Aromatics has to cancel the scheduled program. Your deposit can be transferred to future date if you cancel up to 15 days before the ACP classes begin. Within 15 days of the course start date, deposits cannot be transferred or refunded.

        * Payment plan:  A deposit of $700.00, followed by three installments of $700.00.  Tuition and payment installments must be paid in full 15 days before the ACP begins. Tuition is non-refundable. Tuition includes all supplies and materials for in-classroom blending exercises.  case study portion of the program is to be done at home and students will need to have a small personal supply of about 15 essential oils along with carriers and containers. Students can use the aromatherapy supplies they already have or if supplies are needed, supplies will be available for purchase at a discount from Wildwoods.