Introduction to Clinical Aromatherapy

Course Description

Wildwoods Introduction to Clinical Aromatherapy workshop offers an intensive foundation in the history, chemistry and therapeutic application of essential oils.  Participants take an in-depth look at 15 essential oils and learn to formulate aromatherapy blends based on aroma, chemistry and therapeutic properties.

This workshop is intended for students who wish to learn about the clinical aspects of essential oil therapies.  Health care professionals and holistic minded essential oil enthusiast will gain valuable knowledge in the therapeutic use and application of essential oils in this two day intensive.

Participants will make seven personal care blends including immune boosting sprays, relaxing bath emulsions, stress relieving cremes and Eco-friendly, non-toxic household cleaning products.

Course Objectives

    • Learn the aromatic profiles and therapeutic properties of 15 oils
    • Introduction to essential oil chemistry
    • Gain a clear understanding of blending dilutions guidelines
    • Understand clearly all aspects of essential oil purity and quality
    • Understand essential oil safety and potential hazards
    • Learn how pure essential oils are created from farm to blending table
    • Explore different carriers and aromatherapy application.
    • Learn to blend seven personal aromatherapy products for bath, body and home.
    • Learn how to formulate blends for therapeutic applications
    • Learn where to purchase essential oils and aromatherapy blending supplies

Who can take this course

This is an entry-level workshop.  Anyone who is interested in learning about essential oils may attend.  No prior experience is necessary.


      • History, art & science of aromatherapy
      • Aromatic profiles
      • Beginner botany
      • Methods of extraction
      • Essential oil chemistry
      • Therapeutic properties
      • Toxicology and safety
      • Professional blending guidelines & applications
      • Blending exercises

    Course fee

    • $ 300.00*  (course fee includes a $75 materials fee)   
    • See Schedule for a workshop near you.  Register now.


      * Tuitions includes all essential oils, carriers and blending supplies students will need. Tuition is non-refundable.  

      Introduction to Clinical Aromatherapy is the first module of Wildwoods 280 hour Holistic Aromatherapy Certification Program.  This class can be applied as a credit toward the ACP program.  Credit remains for 1 year.