Aroma Yoga Workshop

Class Description

Wildwoods Aroma Yoga Workshop is a fun and informative half-day workshop exploring the energetic power of essential oils to promote concentration, relaxation, expansiveness and grounding.  The workshop is taught in two parts.

Part One

During the first part of the Aroma Yoga Workshop, students learn about the basics of essential oils blending and are introduced to the art and science behind aromatherapy.  Then the fun begins as each student blends two personal custom blends for their own personal use.  The blends are yours to take home!

Part Two

Students then participate in an all levels 90 minute Aroma Yoga class where they use their blends to reach a deeper level of relaxation and surrender.

Wildwoods Aromatic Yoga workshop is open to anyone who wishes to learn more about bringing the benefits of essential oils into their daily life.  Yoga students and yoga instructors alike will appreciate the ability of essential oils to take their yoga practices to another level. Dress in loose, comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat!


Workshop fee

About your instructor

Pamela Westerman has been leading yoga classes for over 7 years and has been in private practice for over 20 years as a massage therapist.  She holds a clinical aromatherapist certification,  a 200 hour yoga instructor certification, sports massage certification and over 200 hours in skin care.     Pamela Westerman, LMT # 6404, CA, CYI